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 combined leucaena grass pastures."




What is leucaena ?

Leucaena is a high quality, long-lived leguminous forage tree. First introduced by CSIRO in the 1950s for extensive grazed systems for tropical Australia . Today it is also being used by livestock producers in cooler climates.

It produces very palatable, nutritious, high protein leaf for cattle giving liveweight gains of 250-300 kg/HD/yr, or 125 150kg per hectare at a stocking rate of 1hd:2ha. This is twice that of grass only pastures      [ ...more ]    [Video Clip]

 Cattle producers are adopting leucaena at an increasing rate and include large-scale property plantings up to 15,000Ha.  
Cattle fattened on combined leucaena and grass pastures produce beef of superior quality and can meet all premium domestic and export grass-fed market specifications


 ABC Landline Feature

The Eating Tree


Queensland's state government has set itself an ambitious target of creating one hundred thousand new jobs by 2012. Agriculture is expected to play a key role in accelerating production across the grains, livestock and horticultural sectors. The beef industry is expected to deliver the biggest gains, not because graziers will be buying or opening up more land but because of a surge in popularity of a South American fodder tree called Leucaena which is both loved and loathed in equal measure.              
Published: 31/10/2010       
Reporter: Pip Courtney    
: Anne Kruger


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