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about the leucaena network

Grassroots base

The Leucaena Network welcomes all who have an interest in the responsible use of commercial leucaena pastures.

The Leucaena Network works to ensure that production and environmental benefits of leucaena are maximized while the weed impact of leucaena is minimized.

The Leucaena Network plays an important advocacy role with Government to ensure that the utilization of leucaena pastures by the Australian beef industry is conducted in a responsible and accountable way.




Organisational structure

An annually elected Executive Committee is supported by graziers, researchers, extension officers and other stakeholders. The executive committee meets regularly throughout the year and adheres to the standard rules of Incorporation.



All policies – operational and fiscal – are reported to the membership on an ongoing basis, through the Annual General Meeting, the “TLN News” newsletter, The Leucaena Network website and social media.


Promotional activities

The Leucaena Network promotes the benefits of the leucaena grass pastures system through media and ongoing contact with research and government agencies. It regularly holds field days, seminars and conferences to transfer up-to-date information. The Leucaena Network actively identifies research, development and extension opportunities for the benefit of the beef industry.


Responsible development

The Leucaena Network organises training courses for graziers and other stakeholders. This training will help you to understand the basics of growing and managing leucaena and companion grass pastures. The Leucaena Network aims to keep you up to date with the latest developments of the leucaena/grass pastures system including new leucaena varieties, establishment and management techniques.


The Leucaena Network works to freely distribute the Code of Practice to all growers of leucaena and other relevant stakeholders. It also actively encourages all leucaena growers to abide by the Code of Practice.


Download the Code of Practice here



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