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Sustaining the Productivity of Leucaena Stands

The aim of the project was to ensure the long-term sustainability and productivity of aging leucaena pastures in northern Australia by investigating plant nutrient status, soil organic carbon and total nitrogen status, and fertilizer strategies to correct emerging nutrient deficiencies.

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Effect of different scarification methods on the germination of Petai Belalang (Leucaena leucocephala) seed

The germination of seeds is sometimes impaired by certain physical nature of the seed themselves. The prolong period witnessed in establishing the Leucaena leucocephala plants as an immediate forage crop for livestock feed is impaired by delaying germination due to dormancy. Read more ...





Nitrogen Fixation by Legumes

Approximately 80% of the atmosphere is nitrogen gas (N2). Unfortunately N2 is unusable by most living organisms. Plants, animals, and micro-organisms can die of nitrogen deficiency, surrounded by N2 they cannot use. All organisms use the ammonia (NH3) form of nitrogen to manufacture amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and other nitrogen-containing components necessary for life. Biological nitrogen fixation is the process that changes inert N2 to biologically useful NH3.

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